Theft of monkey signs

The four signs that were recently erected in St Francis Bay and which asked people not to feed the monkeys have been removed. 

Monkey Sign 1

This is according to the SFB Residents Association (SFBRA) which says the perpetrators are unknown to the organisation. The SFBRA has reported this theft to the SAP.

“The whole purpose for erecting these signs was because of the numerous irate complaints we had from residents whose properties had been damaged. The ever increasing troop of monkeys is remaining in the village because they are being fed and therefore this signage was meant to try and prevent this from happening.
“The removal of these signs is only going to further compound the problem as many residents have threatened to shoot or poison the monkeys.  Obviously we would like to avoid this situation.
“If anyone has any information as to who removed these signs please will they advise the SFBRA (042 294 0414) or the police,” the SFBRA adds.


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