Areva wins contract to replace 6 Koeberg Steam Generators

 Eskom’s Board of directors announced today, 16 August 2014,  that the contract to replace Koeberg Steam Generators has been awarded to AREVA NP Proprietary. 

Based on the lead times for the manufacture of six new steam generators, Eskom is planning for installation in 2018, the Board said.

The Board revealed that the 2018 installation plan is also aligned to Eskom’s maintenance activities planned for Koeberg. “This timeline also ensures that all Koeberg safety issues are addressed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements,” the Board said

In making the announcement that Eskom’s internal approval processes for the replacement of the Koeberg Steam Generators (SGRs) have now been completed, the Board said it is  satisfied with the integrity of all processes and ensured that they remained fair and in adherence to good governance.

“To this end, independent advisers were appointed to ensure that the principles of fairness, equity, competitiveness and transparency are adhered to.”


Source: Eskom media desk

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