Get autographs from top international surfers

Billabong South Africa invites everyone to attend an autograph signing with Taj Burrow and, Joel Parkinson and other top international surfing team riders on the evening of Saturday 12 July.

 Taj is the World ASP number 4-ranked surfer while Joel is a former world champion and current ASP number 5-ranked surfer,. Both have won events in JBay in the past, and will be hoping to win again this year. 

The autograph signing will take place at the new revamped Billabong Magnas Store in Jeffreys Bay at 6 pm. There will be live music, giveaways, as well as an exciting raffle. 

Mat “Mayhem” Biolos, Taj Burrow’s shaper, will also be in attendance, and will be chatting to the public and talking about Taj’s Whiplash model board that he favours at Supertubes, and other boards in the extensive …Lost catalogue.

There will be drinks and snacks, posters and stickers, and a raffle with a massive prize. Raffle tickets will be on sale, and the winner of the raffle stands to win a brand new Billabong Xero Enduro wetsuit valued at R4k as well as a Taj Mayhem Whiplash model surfboard from Matt Biolos, valued at R6k. 

The Taj Model Whiplash is the most refined and streamlined design in our line,” said Biolos of the board he will be giving away. “It’s loose and responsive, and Taj uses it for his critical, tight-radius turns. Someone’s going to be stoked with it.”

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