St Francis College teachers learn CPR

Three St Francis College teachers this month completed an intensive CPR training course with Hanlie Kilfoil, a college parent and experienced course instructor.

CPR training

St Francis College teachers (from left) Laura Holdsworth, Jane Lonsdale and Louise Ackerman getting hands on experience in how to save a life

Jane Lonsdale, Louise Ackerman and Laura Holdsworth completed the ‘Family and Friends’ CPR course, which enables them to conduct CPR in an emergency situation.

“I think it is essential that everyone knows the importance of CPR training, especially since we are living at the coast and drowning is a reality,” says Hanlie, an ICU trained registered nurse with 17 years’ experience in both adult and neonatal ICU environments.

As a qualified CPR trainer, Hanlie conducts a variety of courses in the St Francis Area, including regular training of NSRI members. Some of her courses also cover First Aid Training.

Recently, three college parents, Anneke May, Heather White and Beth Cooper Howell completed the ‘Family and Friends’ CPR course with Hanlie and described it as an empowering and educational experience.


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