Help urgently needed for Sea Vista fire victims

Donations needed!! Please help!!

Food donations, new or old clothing and bedding or any building materials are urgently needed by homeless and destitute people in the Sea Vista area of St Francis Bay,  following a fire.

Four shacks were burnt – three of them were completely razed last week on 30 April 2014  in Sea Vista .  There were five people living in the shacks.  One shack belonged to a husband and wife.

These five Sea Vista people are now homeless and have lost all their possessions. They are having to stay with relatives or friends until they can find or rebuild new homes for themselves.

An appeal was made three times last week on St Francis Chronicle’s Face Book page to St Francis residents and a blanket for each of the fire victims was donated  by Rotary St Francis Bay.

If there any compassionate people out there who can help with more new or old blankets or clothes or some food parcels or building supplies for these five people who only have the clothes on their backs left, please call Rosy 073 738 1553.

Any kind and charitable donations or help will be acknowledged by this newspaper with photos of the handover.

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