Brenton Williams aims to be 1st recorded CSF-St Francis Bay swimmer


Brenton Williams. Photo: Clive Wright
Butterfly simmer, Brenton Williams.  Photos: Clive Wright

Butterfly swimmer Brenton Williams will attempt an unprecedented 8km rounding of Cape St Francis in the Eastern Cape tomorrow morning,  26 April, with local swimmer with local swimmer Kendal Wright.

The swimming duo will leave land at 8.30 am through one of the deep water gulleys on the wild side of Cape St Francis point, before swimming around Cape St Francis to Shark Point – known for the swirling counter currents and swells that break against the headland.

Kendal will swim freestyle while Brenton swims butterfly. The pair will be swimming n in preparation for “Flying For Little Fighters” – Brenton’s solo attempt around Cape Point in May. The pair will be followed closely by NSRI teams in boats that will scout for sharks and other dangers to ensure the safety of the swimmers at all times.

If tomorrow’s event is successful, it will be the first time in history that a successful Cape St Francis swim will be recorded, over and above the already notable feat of swimming butterfly. 


From Shark Point, the swimmers will head towards the safety of Port St Francis, where they plan to walk ashore joining festivities of  the Nautical festival organised by St Francis Tourism. The Little Fighters team will be in Cape St Francis supporting Brenton, and the public is invited to follow the attempt and start donating towards Flying For Little Fighters!

The swimmers are expected to reach the port anytime from around 10 am onwards – if not before.

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