Legendary Springbok rugby players in Cape St Francis

St Francis Chronicle

Former and legendary Springboks will be swapping their boots for board again during the SA Longboard Championships from 27 April – 4th May, Seal Point, Cape St Francis on 27 April.




Below: AH Venter in trouble in the surf in 201

On Friday 2 May a special part of the contest sees legendary Springboks like Andy Marinos, Garth Wright, AJ Venter, Rob Louw and Warren Brosnihan battle it out in the surf to become the 2014 Springbok Longboard Champion.

The contest will run for an entire week, so everyone can have a chance to watch the competitors and their former rugby heroes as they go head to head for the prestigious title. Cape St Francis Resort has a long history with this event and will again play host to the national competition. It will also be the venue for all social activities planned for the competitors, their families and supporters…

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