Fisherman bitten by shark in Port Alfred today

A fisherman was bitten by a shark on his left knee, ankle, shin and hand while fishing from Port Alfred’s beach this morning, 12 April 2014. 

The 42 year old,  Lionel McDougall, from Port Elizabeth, was taking part in the Port Elizabeth Shore Angling League, a rock and surf angling league. A tounqiuet and bandages were applied by fellow anglers and McDougall was taken  hospital by the Port Alfred NSRI volunteer duty crew.

 Juan Pretorius, NSRI Port Alfred station commander, said a 9 am, NSRI Port Alfred volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following reports of an angler bitten by a shark that he on his fishing line 1 nautical mile East of the Rufanes River. 

“Our NSRI Port Alfred volunteer sea rescue duty crew responded by road in our Sea Rescue vehicle and along an 8 kmstretch of beach to reach the man.  “Our NSRI medics assisted to re-dress some of the wounds and McDougall was loaded into our Sea Rescue vehicle transported to hospital in our Sea Rescue vehicle.

 McDougall remains in hospital in good spirits receiving treatment, X-Ray’s, suturing and repairing of his wounds by hospital staff. A shark tooth found embedded in his left knee will be surgically removed.”

 McDougall explained to NSRI that while angling he had foul hooked (hooked on a side fin) an over 2 meter in length male Ragged Tooth shark, and while attempting to recover the shark, by grabbing its tail to pull it onto the beach to be measured and then released, the shark turned around and bit his left leg.

While attempting to pry the shark’s jaw open to prevent the shark from doing further damage to his leg he  sustained lacerations, puncture wound bites to his left hand and puncture wounds to two fingers.

“The shark was measured and safely released back to the ocean and the alarm was raised while fellow anglers tended to his wounds.”


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