Following the recent discolouration (red sea water) of sea water in some areas of the Nelson Mandela Bay coastal area and the subsequent tests and consultations that  the Munelson Mandela Bay Municpality has made with experts on this field, it has sent a warning to  members of the public to be cautious.

The municipality saysin a sttement today, 21 Janaury 2014,: “We would like to advise them not to consume shellfish from our costal area until such time we are convinced that it is safe to do so. The municipality with its stakeholders who are specialists in this field are currently running tests to determine whether this discolouration of water is toxic or not.

“The municipality is also making consultations with relevant national government departments in regard to this matter. This means that we can not be in a position to confirm whether fish/shellfish consumed from the affected areas are toxic or not.

“Preliminary results from samples collected have identified eight species of dinoflagellates, that might the be cause of the change of the water colour. We also call upon people of the Nelson Mandela Bay not to panic or raise an alarm about this as we are working around the clock to come to the bottom of it.

“We will be updating through media on the developments on this issue.”

– Issued by Nelson Mandela Bay Communications Office. 

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