Woman seriously injured in boating accident on Kromme River in St Francis Bay

A young woman in her 20s was rushed to a Port Elizabeth hospital yesterday evening in a serious condition after being injured in a boating collision at the Kromme River Mouth in St Francis Bay.

Apparently the woman suffered severe injuries to her leg sustained by a propeller of another boat, still running on power, that collided with the boat she was on. After impact the other boat apparently hurtled into the air above her boat but details are unclear.

The propeller apparently severed the woman’s femoral artery, causing severe injury of her leg and severe lacerations but details again are unclear.

Marc May,  station commander of NSRI St Francis Bay, says at 5.45pm , 21 December, NSRI St Francis Bay volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following reports of a two boat collision on the river near the mouth.

The volunteer sea rescue duty crew, including an NSRI St Francis Bay crewman who was nearby at the time, responded and Private Care ambulance Services were activated.

On arrival rescuers were met with a chaotic scene of two boats mangled from what may have been a high speed collision. It is believed but not confirmed that there may have been five people on a boat that launched off a sand bank into the river channel when another ski-boat with three people on board collided with them.

A doctor, a veterinary surgeon and a nurse, who happened to be in the vicinity at the time, rendered first aid treatment to the woman and stemmed blood flow from the severed artery.

NSRI commandeered a river cruise boat to transport the female to a waiting ambulance up river. The woman was rushed to hospital by Private Care ambulance in a critical condition and doctors are continuing treatment in an effort to save the leg. It is believed the woman’s condition has stabilised.

It appears other men and women patients related to the accident have or are still receiving treatment in hospital for injuries sustained in the accident. It is unclear how they reached hospital as some people involved in the accident were no longer on the scene when NSRI and Private Care ambulance services arrived.

Eye-witnesses and anyone with information should make a statement at the local Police Station.

Info provided by NSRI H/O


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