Going on holiday? Don’t leave your home unattended SAP says

 The SAP has encouraged South Africans to take precautionary measures to safe-guard themselves and their properties during this festive season.

Police have advised residents, who will be leaving their houses to go to their holiday destinations, not to leave them unoccupied. “This can be done by leaving a relative or any trusted and known person to take care of the house as well as to inform your neighbours about your absence,” North West Police’s Captain Pelonomi Makau advised.

Makau advised residents to cut trees and shrubs to make it difficult for criminals to hide, have security screens on doors and deadbolts or deadlocks fitted, fit an alarm and ensure that the house is lit at night. He also advised people to join local crime prevention initiatives and neighbourhood watches.

Police also warned motorists to exercise caution, be alert and avoid at all costs giving lifts to hitchhikers, irrespective whether they are males or females. “Crime is everybody’s responsibility, thus the community is urged to work together with police and structures like the Community Police Forum to ensure safety and security of all citizens during this period of festivities,” said Makau. 

News courtesy of : SAnews.gov.za

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