Three NSRI stations in emergency rescues today

 NSRI sea rescue volunteer duty crew in False Bay, Shelley Beach and Durban were called out today to assist people in trouble  following incidents at sea –  ranging from a boat being capisized, evacuations from a boat and ship and  jet skiers in difficulty.


At 05h30 (Saturday, 30th November) NSRI Durban launched the sea rescue craft MEGAN II to respond to reports of a boat capsized in the harbour entrance with 3 local men onboard, aged 31, 28 and 52.

The Police Sea Borderline craft also responded and rescued all 3 men bringing them to our sea rescue base and NSRI Durban assisted to right the boat, together with the Durban Marine boat MULLETT, which brought the casualty boat into Port where she was recovered.

It appears that the casualty craft motor had stalled causing the boat to be swamped by waves before capsizing.

None of the 3 men were injured and they required no further assistance.


 On Saturday morning (30th November) NSRI Shelly Beach launched CALTEX CHALLENGER II to assist a jet-ski with 2 men onboard, both 41 years old from Pretoria, in difficulties at the back breaker line off-shore of our sea rescue base.

On arrival on-scene NSRI Shelly Beach found the casualty craft to be suffering motor mechanical problems. One of the men was taken aboard our sea rescue craft while we assisted the skipper of the jet-ski to get the jet-ski’s motor running and the owner managed to bring his jet-ski ashore without assistance once the motor was running and the second man was brought safely ashore aboard our sea rescue craft. Once ashore they required no further assistance.

At 09h20 (Sunday, 1 December) NSRI Shelly Beach launched the sea rescue craft CALTEX CHALLENGER II to rendezvous with a charter fishing boat RIP TIDE to casualty evacuate a 20 year old German man suffering motion sickness.

The casualties 45 year old father, who is also a German, now living in Thabazimbi, was also taken off the fishing boat and both men were brought safely ashore and once on firm ground no further assistance was required.

RIP TIDES crew had offered to bring the seasick casualty to shore but NSRI were willing and able to do the job quickly and without incident allowing the remaining passengers to continue fishing at Protea Banks.


 At 08h33 (Sunday, 1 December) NSRI Simonstown and NSRI Gordons Bay were alerted to respond to rendezvous with the cruise liner MSC SINFONIA, which had diverted from her voyage sailing from Cape Town towards the East Coast, to steam into False Bay, reporting a 41 year old passenger, Francois Smit, from Bellville, suffering a hand injury believed to have been sustained by a door that slammed shut on his left hand.

NSRI Gordons Bay volunteer sea rescue duty crew launched the sea rescue craft JACK RILEY, accompanied by a Gordons Bay Medical Rescue Service paramedic, and rendezvoused with the ship 5 nautical miles off-shore of Roman Rock, Simonstown.

The paramedic and two NSRI rescue swimmers were put aboard the ship and found the patient, in the good care of the ships doctor, suffering amputation of the front part of the ring finger (from just above the nail bed) and a fractured middle finger. The wounds were already bandaged and splinted and medication for pain had been administered by the ships medical team.

The patient was secured into a stokes basket stretcher and transferred onto our sea rescue craft through the cargo hatch. In reasonably rough seas and strong winds the swells were timed to allow the transfer to be done safely and successfully.

The patient, and his wife Gerda, were brought to Simonstown harbour and a CMR (Cape Medical Response) ambulance has transported the patient, in a stable condition, accompanied by his wife, to Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic.

It appears that the patient may have been heading to the deck to take photographs when a door is believed to have slammed shut on his left hand.

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