Fisherman evacuated and rescue after a boat capsize

The NSRI volunteers for St Francis Bay and Plettenberg Bay were called out to assist at sea yesterday in respectively evacuating a man from a fishing boat and rescuing people from a capsized boat.


 Marc May, NSRI St Francis Bay station commander, said: “At 11h00 (Wednesday, 27th November) NSRI St Francis Bay volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following a request for medical assistance from the Chokka fishing boat Umfano reporting a male fisherman aged in his 40’s suffering a medical complaint of suspected Tuberculosis.

 “We dispatched our sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II and rendezvoused with the fishing boat 15 nautical miles off-shore of St Francis Bay and the patient was brought to shore in a stable condition and tansported to hospital by Private Care ambulance services.

“We then refueled and responded to rendezvous with the Chokka fishing boat Jenny who called us at 11h15, 25 nautical miles off-shore, to medically evacuate a fisherman aged in his 30’s suffering from dehydration. 

“The patient was brought to shore by our sea rescue craft and he is receiving treatment.


 Deon Truter, NSRI Plettenberg Bay station commander, said: “At 15h00 (Wednesday, 27th November) NSRI Plettenberg Bay were activated following reports from a family that their family members, a father and son, out fishing for the day, had failed to return as scheduled and that it was not normal for them to be overdue without .

 “NSRI Plettenberg Bay alerted all vessels at sea to be on the lookout for their 5 meter catamaran craft Sea Warrior and shortly thereafter the vessel Kalbebe reported finding their capsized boat with both men clinging onto the upturned hull 3 nautical miles off-shore of Natures Valley and both men were taken aboard Kalbebe while our sea rescue craft Ray Farnham responded. 

“On arrival on-scene the two casualties, Ivor Evans, aged in his 50’s, and his son Tyrone, aged in his 20’s, were taken aboard Ray Farnham and brought safely ashore where after being medically checked by our sea rescue doctor they were released not injured.

“Our sea rescue craft Leonard Smith responded to the scene where the casualty boat was righted and towed to shore by our sea rescue craft and recovered.

 “The two men required no further assistance.”

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