A 70 year-old from Sweden, suffering from exhaustion and near drowning symptoms, managed to get to the beach after being caught in a rip current in the Wilderness yesterday.

The Swede, Bengt Carnhagen, was found on the beach by NSRI Wilderness which arranged for him to be transported to hospital.

Hennie Niehaus, NSRI Wilderness station commander, said that just befor 6 pm, 13 November, NSRI volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following reports of a man being swept out to sea at Wilderness main beach in front of the NSRI station.

The NSRI  duty crew responded and launched the sea rescue craft while rescue swimmers responded directly to the beach. WC Government Health EMS also responded.

“On arrival we found Carnhagen safe on the beach but suffering from exhaustion and near drowning symptoms. It appears that while swimming with friends he had been caught in a rip current but had managed to get back to the beach safely unassisted.”

The Swede was transported by EMS ambulance to hospital in a stable condition for observation for secondary drowning.

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  1. ”Yes , it is about time that the elderly should also take note when especially at this age of their life to put on a ”lifesaving jacket”, before heading into the sea to take a swim. I have set up a ”Cape St Francis Crime Watch ” fb Group page, where anyone can join , take part, ask questions, and take note of local and international professional crime fighters of what they suggest is playing safe, and securing one’s property, plus preventing fires. ”Surf Neighbourhood Watch”, has also being brought in as a member from Australia, who have a lot of handy crime solution problems. This service is free to all that are interested.

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