St Francis Bay will rise from the ashes

This article was written one year ago by Bev Mortimer – very early the morning after the dreadful fire that destroyed 76 houses on the canals.

St Francis Chronicle

By Bev Mortimer

St Francis Bay will rise from the ashes.. this is the viewpoint of the residents of St Francis after last night’s devastating fire.

Everyone is determined to restore the canals to their former glory and people are pulling together to help the town build up again.

Early this morning with St Francis residents still reeling in shock from the fire last night, the blackened ruins of former mansions on the canals has been a grim reality to face.

The damage is estimated to be around R500-million – taking into consideration the average worth of a canal mansion valued at R4-million.

As owners and residents count their losses today – an unofficial estimate puts the number of houses burnt at 120 this morning -and wait for assessors to arrive later this morning, the cost is beyond price. Their possessions, clothes photos – in fact their whole lives were in those houses – all now gone up in smoke!

One of…

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