No fireworks allowed at Guy Fawkes time

Kouga Municipality has appealed to residents to join law enforcement authorities in helping to keep Guy Fawkes crime-free and safe for everyone this year.

It is illegal to launch fireworks in the Kouga region and Kouga residents and visitors to the area are urged to report anyone breaking the law to the municipality or nearest police station. 

Kouga Executive Mayor Booi Koerat said that Guy Fawkes traditionally celebrated on 5 November is increasingly associated with activities posing a danger to  people and animals. The common practice is the launching of fireworks.

“We would like to call on residents to refrain from doing launching fireworks in Kouga as this is poses a fire hazard and traumatises pets to such an extent that they can injure themselves,” the mayor said.

An even more dangerous Guy Fawkes tradition is the swinging and burning of tyres.

“Tyres are made of toxic compounds. When you burn a tyre, poisonous gases are released into the air and inhaled by those in the vicinity. Babies, children, the elderly, asthmatics and immune-suppressed individuals are vulnerable to these pollutants. This includes people with TB or HIV/Aids,”  the mayor said.

“Burning tyres are also a serious fire risk and cause significant damage to our roads and sidewalks.”

Residents are asked to help spread the message of a crime-free and safe Guy Fawkes for all. Those breaking the law by shooting fireworks or burning tyres can be reported to the municipality’s emergency number on 042 291 0250 or the nearest police station.


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