St Francis Bay couple stabbed in armed robbery


St Francis Bay police are investigating a case of armed robbery and searching for three suspects who allegedly stabbed a couple in their 70s in a Harbour Road house at about 5 am this morning.

The couple were fortunately not seriously wounded. The man was stabbed in his right buttocks and the woman had a slash mark on her face.

According to Gerda Swart of the Uitenhage SAP Communications, the man heard a noise at 5 am and went to investigate. He saw a young man outside the kitchen window and went to the bedroom to tell his wife.

Then the couple heard another noise from the guest bedroom. The suspects had broken the window there and entered the house.
They tied up the couple and allegedly stabbed the man and his wife before ransacking the whole house.

They made off with a laptop, cellphone and jewellery.
Swart said the suspects are in their early 20s and the SAP are following up on leads.

A report on St Francis Alert said the suspects pressed the wrong button by mistake on the remote alarm (apparently while making their escape) but Swart could not confirm this.


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