Danger of swimming in the sea during Spring tide

A Spring Tide has begun with the approaching full moon and the NSRI warns beach bathers, paddlers, boaters and anglers along the coastline to be extremely careful.

The NSRI says in a press release that the exceptionally high ‘high tides’ and exceptionally low ‘low tides’ cause rip currents to be more forceful than normal. This, in turn, creates the greatest risk to bathers at beaches and to fishermen angling from rocks along the coastline.

“The Full Moon begins  tomorrow (Saturday 19 October)  early morning.  So Spring Tide will peak tomorrow, meaning a higher than normal high tide, a lower than normal low tide and stronger than normal rip currents beginning now and continuing into the middle of next week. 

“Spring tide happens twice during every month of the year, at full moon and again at new moon, affecting every coastline.

“There are two high tides and two low tides every day.

“Spring tides are the exceptionally high and low tides that occur during the full moon phase and during the new moon phase.

“Areas that are not normally engulfed by water during normal tide patterns are usually engulfed by water during the spring tide’s high tide,” the NSRI adds.


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