Sea Vista women up in arms over electricity cuts

About 25 Sea Vista women chanting “We want power!”, We want power!” demonstrated on the corner of Steenbras Street and Tarragona Road today after their electricity was cut off.


The women, mostly mothers with small children, are angry that the municipality wants the full amount paid before it will restore electricity. They are also incensed that the squatters in the township get free water and don’t have their water cut.

“It is unfair that the township people get free water and they don’t have to suffer water cuts. Now our electricity is cut off and our water,” the women lamented at 1 pm today, adding that they will have to get water from the township this afternoon to use for cooking and washing.

The women are also extremely concerned as they have small children and cannot cook any  food in their houses. “It is very cold and we have to make fires outside to cook food for them,” the women lamented.


Plus tonight is going to be freezing, the women pointed out. They said they had phoned the municipality and pleaded with the staff there to just put the elecricty back on, plus they also asked if they could pay on terms or if they could make partial payments. But the municipality refused both these requests the women said.

A spokes person for the Kouga municipality said that they would try to get someone to go and address the unhappy group.  After waiting 3/4 of an hour no one had pitched.

The women then said they were now going to take their grievances directly to the municipality. “They come door to door to get our votes, but they won’t come and address us when we have a grievance,” they said.

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