Diver injured after being run over by a boat

A diver was injured in Simonstown today, 24 August, after being run over by a boat’s propellors at Millers Point.

He was rescued by Simonstown NSRI volunteer duty crew and taken to hospital suffering from lacerations and bruised torso.

Darren Zimmerman, NSRI Simonstown station commander, said at 11.54 am NSRI Simonstown duty crew were activated. “According to the boat skipper they were motoring about 200 meters off-shore of Millers Point when a diver suddenly appeared from under the water without warning.

“The skipper swerved to try to avoid the diver but the boat propellors ran over the man The skipper of the boat rescued the diver while activating NSRI and emergency medical services.

 “Our duty crew prepared to launch our sea rescue craft and CMR (Cape Medical Response) ambulance and CMR response paramedics responded. On arrival the man was treated for lacerations to his arm and chest bruising and was transported to hospital by a CMR ambulance in a stable condition. 

 “The diver, a 54 year old man from Bellville, believed to be with the SA Navy in Simonstown, was spearfishing from a boat with two friends and they reportedly had a floatation dive marker buoy, but this appears to have not been seen by the boat skipper.  The diver is receiving sutures in hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.” 


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