Fierce veld fire in St Francis Bay brought under control

By Bev Mortimer

A fierce veld fire on the south west side of St Francis Drive raged for almost two hours this evening before it was finally brought under control.

The local firemen and fire-fighters from the St Francis Bay disaster management team, including NSRI volunteers, were helping to extinguish the fire in the stretch of bush between Harbour Road and Tarragona Road. The road was full of police vehicles, fire trucks and bakkies with water cannons, plus spectators.


The fire-fighters’ task was made difficult by a fierce wind blowing, but in their brightly clad protective outfits they fought gallantly on.

Fortunately the bush fire  was several metres away from St Francis Drive so was not in danger of jumping the road towards residential homes. However fears were expressed by some officials that the wind could change and blow towards houses either in Santareme, the Village or Sea Vista.

But then the heavens opened and it started raining, slightly at first and then huge drops fell assisting the fire-fighters in extinguishing the fire.

Around most of the fire had been doused and the spectators hurried off home. Members of the local fire-fighting team stayed at the scene to monitor the fire until the middle of the night.  The cause of the fire is unknown at this stage.

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