Cookhouse-Bedford road closed at certain times for 5 months


  cookhouse logoCOOHHOUSE  WINDFARM


The Cookhouse Wind Farm Project would  like to inform  all members  of the public  about road closures and potential traffic  delays on the N10 (especially Olifantskop  Pass) and the Patryshoogte Road due to delivery  of abnormal  loads from the Coega Port in Port Elizabeth to the Cookhouse Wind Farm Site on the  Patryshoogte Road, between  Cookhouse and Bedford.

Daily deliveries  are expected  to  consist of three trucks with blades and five trucks with 8 axle trailers. The trucks are each 34m long and they will be travelling  at speeds of about  60Km/H.

The police  and traffic  officers  will determine the  following distance of the trucks.

 The scheduled dates and times of these abnormal load deliveries will be as follows:

 Days: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday up to the end of January 2014

 Time of road closure: 10 am 10.45 am at Olifantskop Pass

 Main Road Affected: N10 between Port Elizabeth and Cradock,to the turnoff to the Patryshoogte Rd.

Members  of the public are strongly encouraged to use alternative  routes to avoid traffic  delays.

Please note that bad weather conditions may cause a shift in the shipment schedule.

There  wiii be a‘dry run’ on Thursday 4th  July 2013 at 10 am  and Patryshoogte Road will be closed for the truck to pass from the Cookhouse Wind Farm Site to the N10 turnoff.

 The Cookhouse Wind Farm Project continues to provide communities local to the Wind Farm with relevant updates and news from the site. Significant milestones were achieved over the course of last month,  including  further  road and foundation progress, the arrival and shipping of turbines  and  the  inspection  of  production facilities  in  India  and  Spain.

The  Wind  Farm  will  be  in operation  for at least 20 years, delivering clean renewable  energy to the Eastern Cape and South Africa as a whole. The Wind Farm will include 66 individual  wind turbines  and will have a generating capacity of 138.6MW feeding into the existing Eskom substation on the Patryshoogte Road.

 Regular updates on the Cookhouse Wind Farm Project including delivery schedule will be provided to members of the public. Deliveries will not be done on Sundays and Public holidays.

 For more information  please contact the Cookhouse Wind Farm Liaison Office on the below details: Email:

Tel: 042 247 2961 

Fax: 086 675 2518

 Cell: 076 575 1719



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