Agulhas NSRI assists fishing boat with broken mooring

 Yesterday late afternoon  22 June, NSRI Agulhas volunteer sea duty crewassisted  a small fishing  boat in the Strusibaai harbour which lost its mooring in high winds.

Danie Viljoen, NSRI Agulhas deputy station commander, said at 4.30 pm NSRI Agulhas volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following reports of a boat with a broken mooring in strong 50 knot North Westerly winds and rough choppy sea conditions.

 “Our NSRI Agulhas volunteer sea rescue duty crew responded to the rescue boat, I&J Rescuer, and assisted fishermen to corral their small fishing boat (a Crayfish Bakkie) in intense winds lashing the coastline.  The boat was  re-moored.

 “Once safely  secured a number of other fishing boats in the harbour at risk of also breaking their moorings, were fastened and secured.  No boats sustained any damage.”


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