Pinetown diabetic rescued off-shore of Shelley Beach

NSRI Shelly Beach volunteerduty crew rescued a diabetic whose jetski packed up off-shore early this morning.

The insulin-dependent man was taken ashore by the NSRi rescue boat.

Pieter Coetzee, NSRI Shelly Beach deputy station commander, said the volunteer duty crew werei were activatedat 8.10 am this morning, 1 June,  after reports of a jet-ski experiencing suspected mechanical motor failure in the vicinity of Protea Banks, about 4 nautical miles off-shore of Shelly Beach.

Mike Dehr, from Durban, in his late 30’s, and his friend, Grant Hayes, 36, from Pinetown, contacted the Transnet National Ports Authority to raise the alarm after Grant’s jet ski suffered motor while they jet-skied together. They were concerned as Grant did not have his medication with him.

NSRI Shelly Beach launched its sea rescue craft Caltex Challenger and responded. “We found Grant in an understandably anxious state of mind in rough sea swells of 2 to 3 meters. He was taken aboard our sea rescue craft where NSRI medics made him comfortable.

“We took his jet ski under tow. His friend Mike went ashore on his own jet-ski without requiring any assistance.”

Grant was taken to the sea rescue base where further medical treatment was administered by our NSRI medics before Grant was released. The two men’s jet-skis were loaded onto their trailer with assistance from the NSRI. The faulty jetski will be repaired later.

NSRI commend the two men for being well prepared to deal with thise unexpected emergency particularly in the rough sea state.

The NSRI continues to urge sea users to be cautious as cold fronts descend over the Western Cape bringing very rough sea conditions on the South African coastline.


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