SA govt in talks to secure release of abducted couple in Yemen

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation says they it is doing all it can to secure the safe release of the two South Africans kidnaped in Yemen.
The pair, whose names have not been revealed, were kidnapped in Yemen’s central province of Taiz on Monday 27 May by unknown gunmen. They were taken away in front of a hotel in the town of Howban, about 250km south of the capital Sanaa.
The pair were reportedly were involved in the development of the hotel and in dispute between developers and the landlord shortly before the abduction.
Five people have been arrested in connection to the kidnapping, although the whereabouts of the pair are still unknown.
The department said the engagements seeking to secure their release are on-going. South Africa’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia arrived in Yemen on Wednesday to engage on the matter and establish the facts that led to the kidnapping.
This is the latest kidnapping involving foreigners in Yemen, where al-Qaida militants or tribesmen often kidnap foreigners for ransoms. Most kidnapped foreigners are released unharmed after ransoms are paid.

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