Govt discourages Kleinfontein from wanting independence

Government has discouraged residents of Kleinfontein from lobbying to declare the area as independent.

Government on Wednesday said such acts were the main causes of a divided South Africa.

This comes after media reports have indicated that the community of Kleinfontein in Gauteng vow that only Afrikaners will live in the area.

Acting Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) CEO Phumla Williams expressed shock and dismay that in this day and age, there were still South African citizens who did not want to integrate into a democratic South Africa.  

“This disintegration is extremely disappointing as it perpetuates the ills of the apartheid era,” Williams said.

Noting that the country had made significant progress in uniting citizens and breaking the racial barriers that epitomised the ‘old’ disjointed South Africa, Williams said all South Africans were governed by a Constitution that catered for all who live in the country, regardless of race and religion.

“It should be noted that the Kleinfontein community benefits from the services provided for by the government and we strongly discourage them from lobbying for the town to be declared independent from the Tshwane Municipality, as this will be contrary to the Constitution of this country,” Williams said

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