Sea Vista marchers dispersing and vacating the R330

The 200 angry Sea Vista marchers who took over the R330 this morning from 7.30 am when they marched from Sea Vista to the entrance of St Francis Bay, have now dispersed.

The provincial MEC for Education, Mandla Makupula, and Kouga’s Mayor, Booi Koerat, met with them half an hour ago. The marchers then agreed to vacate the R330 which they had effectively blocked off  for 4 hours today, 18 May. They were potesting about lack of housing and poor service delivery.

St Francis Bay residents and visitors were unable to enter or leave St Francis Bay during this time as the marchers burnt rubber tyers and branches and formed two baricades several metres apart across the R330 on the Sand River Bridge side of the entrance to St Francis Bay. A third barricade was set up on the Cape St Francis side of Sea Vista, preventing motorists leaving or entering Cape St Francis.

Residents and visitors will now be able to leave and enter St Francis Bay. Clearing and removal of the third barricade outside Cape St Francis is expected soon.

The meeting between marchers and the mayor and MEC was cordial. Everyone spoke in Xhosa. A march organiser translated for St Francis Chronicle and said everyone was now going to the Sea Vista community hall for a big meeting

Koerat told St Francis Chronicle that he will be addressing the demonstrators in the hall. He is expected to be handed the list of residents’ grievances which his office said he never received.

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