Zero tolerance for drunken drivers – take a cab home

There will be zero tolerance to drunken driving this season. Drunken drivers will be locked up

 “We have adopted a zero tolerance attitude to over indulgence and abuse of alcohol. Think twice before having that ‘one last drink’ before driving!”

This is part of a stern warning issued to motorists and would be criminals this festive season by all Kouga’s law enforcement officers. “We will vigorously pursue our mandate of upholding law and order.”

According to Corporate Communication, Uitenhage-Humansdorp cluster there will be stop and search roadblocks held randomly. Police will continuously work with traffic authorities to clamp down on drunken driving and reckless drivers. 

“Police are urging drivers to be responsible and have warned they will not be sympathetic to those who break the law. We also appeal to motorists passing through roadblocks to be patient and to co-operate with the authorities.”

St Francis Bay SAP confirmed to St Francis Chronicle that working in conjunction with municipal traffic offers they will intensify the number of roadblocks on access roads to St Francis and in the area itself, also with the ‘zero tolerance’ approach to drinking and driving and breaking of the law.

And the Kouga Municipality appointed extra temporary traffic officers for season. “We will be having a zero tolerance campaign on drinking and driving. Municipal spokesperson, Mfundo Sobele, the municipality has appointed 10 additional traffic officers on a temporary basis to help ensure a safer festive season by clamping down on drivers under the influence as well as those with no regard towards speed limits.

“We will be having a zero tolerance campaign on drinking and driving and we have also beefed up our speed measuring equipment to combat infringements of the law. There will, furthermore, be an intensification of road blocks over the New Year’s Day period,” said Sobele.

SAP members and the traffic department are braced to embark on crime prevention operations which include liquor compliance operations (focused on closing times and whether taverns are licensed or not. Emphasis will be placed on terms of the Liquor Act.

If you want to drink get a taxi home or arrange for a non-drinking person to come and fetch you and take you home.

Alcohol levels that will get you arrested:

Your blood may not have an alcohol content of more than 0.05%. This means that even after what you may think is a “small drink”, you could be over the limit. If you have more than 350ml of beer, or if you have more than a single tot of brandy or other spirit, you may already be over the limit. Remember these levels of alcohol will remain in your system for up to eight hours after consumption!

If you are stopped at such a roadblock, and if it is determined that you have consumed more than the legal limit of alcohol that you may legally consume while driving, you will be arrested and charged with ‘Driving Under the Influence of Liquor’.

You will be held in custody until you are able to post bail (in certain instances bail may be denied). Depending on prior convictions against you, as well as the circumstances surrounding your arrest, you face a minimum fine of R2 000 or a two-year prison sentence, or both.

You may also lose your driver’s licence, or have it suspended. And, of course, you will have a criminal record!

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