Body found at Mykonos, surfers save men in current

NSRI responded to calls from Mykonos and Lamberts Bay  today following a report of a body found at Mykonos and two men caught in a rip current at Lamberts Bay.

STATION 04, Mykonos

 At 10.30 am NSRI Mykonos was called out for a drowning at Trekoskraal, south of Tietiesbaai, near Paternoster on the west coast.

 A member of the public, who was riding his motorbike in the area, spotted a body floating in the water and called NSRI. 

 Gerard Brune, Mykonos NSRI station commander said that the Mykonos duty crew towed their rescue runner, Transnet National Ports Authority One, to the scene and launched at the beach. SA Paramedic services, a Metro ambulance and the SAP also responded.

 The NSRI team quickly located the body, that of a 51 year old Tableview man, who had apparently been fishing from the rocks. Paramedics on shore certified the man dead at 11.35. 

Yesterday, 28 December, the man’s family reported to the Saldanah SAP that the man was washed off the rocks while cray fishing.

 Waves in the area at the time were large, with 2,4 metre swells recorded at the entrance to Langebaan lagoon.

 STATION 24A, Lambert’s Bay:

 At 11.30 am the Lamberts Bay auxiliary NSRI station was called out for two young men, a 17 year old from Lamberts Bay and a 22 year old from Johannesburg, who were caught in a rip current at Lamberts Bay beach in front of the Caravan park.

Deputy station commander, Kevin Langeveld took his private boat Baynes to the search area as station commander Ron Selley co-ordinated a search, including activating the SAP Boland dive unit.

At 12.24 the stand down was given when it transpired that two surfers had seen the two young men being swept out to sea. The surfers had paddled out, handing one board over to the two, and using the other for their own flotation. 

The four then managed to paddle to shore much higher up the beach (to the north) which is where the 17 year old’s father found them. They were safe and needed no further help.

The surfers, whose names are not known to NSRI, are commended for their quick thinking and for getting the two young men safely  back to shore.


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