Community heroes of the Christmas Day fire – video

Today members of the St Francis Bay community rallied to help St Francis fire fighters and disaster management team members to put out the fire . In addition to the latter they proved themselves to be heroes as well.

Young and old , everyone who could and who was there helped  to prevent the fire spreading further as it swiftly and fiercely did in the 11 November 2012 fire, leading to 75  thatch roof houses catching alight and being razed. These community members (from permanent residents to visitors, to members of the Riparian Association) helped in many ways.

The Riparian Association members tackled the fire when it first started and while waiting for the disaster management team and fire fighters to arrive,  the NSRI says. Their quick actions had a hand in assisting to contain the early flames.

The area was soon alive with supporters and helpers who were filling up buckets with water, fetching water pipes and other fire fighting equipment, throwing buckets of water, or using water pumps and hoses to wet the roofs of all neighbouring homes in the area. This was done to stop them catching alight as well.  And even the women folk assisted by moving furniture out of some homes.

The following video, taken by Grant Beck, and sent to St Francis Chronicle clearly illustrates the fantastic, collective community spirit in St Francis. The community members’ actions clearly assisted those of the main disaster management team members that included the St Francis fire fighters and local NSRI crew members.

After the 11 November fire disaster  The Herald newspaper in PE nominated  the St Francis community to be the heroes of the fire. These community actions yesterday have done St Francis Bay proud as this moving video shows.  And everyone who rallied to support yesterday are indeed heroes!

Watch the Video:  

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