NSRi rescues family after capsized boat at Mykonos

 NSRI Mykonos volunteers were called out to assist with overturned boat at the entrance to Mykonos harbour at  4 pm today, 23 December.


 Photo: NSRI

Mykonos Station Commander, Gerard Brune, said  it appeared that the five metre Rigid Inflatable Boat  overturned when its skipper misjudged a wave on the harbour approach and capsized.

 There was a family of three on board, including a 5 year-old boy, who was fortunately wearing a life jacket. His parents were not.

 The Parks Board Law enforcement boat was in the area and quickly arrived on scene. The park officers were able to rescue the three and tow the boat into harbour where  Mykonos volunteers helped to right it.

 The NSRI is urging everyone launching a craft to wear a life-jacket before they leave the shore. 


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