News Flash!! Mayor Koerat to meet with fire victims


  Executive Mayor of the Kouga Council, Booi Koerat, will hold a public meeting for St Francis Bay property owners and residents who lost their homes in the fire of 11 November 2012 on  Thursday, 20 December 2012, at 10 am at the St Francis Bay Bowling Club.

This was announced by the Kouga Municipality media liaison a lunch time today (17 December 2012). This meeting is the public meeting promised by the Kouga Council and the Mayor when the Kouga Council met at St Francis Links last month.

As that meeting was a proper formal Council meeting, members of the public were not (according to Council tradion) allowed to ask questions or comment. It was then announced that another meeting for the fire victims and interested and affected parties would be held by the mayor in St Francis. This is the meeting that was promised, St Francis Chronicle has reliably learned.


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