Fab fundraiser party – photo gallery

A fun ‘Gourmet Burger’ evening had the St Francis Bay Golf Club rocking last night to the music of local, popular muso, Johan. 

The event was organised by parents of the St Francis College kids with MC Jo Brown and R7000 was raised!! Funds raised will go to the Friends of St Francis Fire & Rescue Charity.

The charity will benefit the Fire Service, the NSRI and other rescue operations in the community. Attendees were able to buy “St Francis Rocks!” badges as well, which most sported on their chests.

St Francis firefighters who risked their lives to save the town

The crowd that packed the clubhouse was welcomed by MC Jo who told everyone that the evening was for everyone to ‘chill out’ after the tragic events last Sunday (11 November) and the gruelling week dealing with it all. The firefighters and everyone who had helped during the fire, including the volunteer team that helped people at the golf club all week, were thanked and applauded. During the evening all the firefighters,  who risked their lives to save St Francis Bay, to the floor and they were thanked again (see photo).

Then without much further ado, Jo announced: “The burgers are all ready. Go and help yourselves and have fun!”  And the crowd did just that. The burgers were yummy and everyone was kept entertained til late, late by Johan who knows just how to keep people ‘rockin’!

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Photos: St Francis Chronicle 

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