SFB Residents Association comments on fire

The disastrous fire on Sunday which destroyed 76 beautiful homes in St Francis Bay has prompted the St Francis Bay Residents’ Association (SFBRA) to take a far stronger stance with council, – especially when it comes to service delivery or the lack thereof. 

“It appears that a number of houses could have been saved if some of the fire hydrants had been in a working condition, an issue that we did raise with council after we found out that Oyster Bay and Cape St Francis had had their hydrants serviced,” the SFBRA says in a statement today. “We think that the fire equipment available in St Francis Bay is totally inadequate, especially for the number of thatched houses in the area. 

The SFBRA is calling an extra-ordinary executive meeting tomorrow morning at 9 am to discuss the road forward.  “We have, we believe, exhausted all other options including constructive engagement. For us to move forward we require all residents to join hands when the time is needed.  This cannot happen overnight but will prominent on the AGM agenda on  20 December.”

 “Our sympathies go to all home owners who lost properties in this tragic fire.  The way that the community rallied to address this disaster was amazing and our thanks go to all who participated and assisted until the early hours on Monday morning. 

“An example of this is the way that the St Francis Bay Golf Club created a disaster centre where people could bring blankets, clothing and food for those affected.  Once again the NSRI was in the forefront in assisting.  Thank you. 

“Even though this fire could have far reaching implications for St Francis Bay it is essential that we continue to be positive.

 “The SFBRA will fight tooth and nail for your rights as rate payers,” the release adds.


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