Canals are burning!!

“Houses are burning all the way to the sea on the canals,” a fireman told St Francis Chronicle this evening. The fire apparently started at Royal Wharf late afternoon where some people were having a braai.

It also reportedly started when the electricity went off. From there the fierce winds that sprang up this afternoon  tossed the fire rapidly down Spray Avenue, taking down Hynsie and the Robertson’s house, then the Nortje’s house before jumping over the canals towards big Time Taverna and in the vicinity . Some bystanders estimated as many  as about 60 houses could burning down – or more..

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Most of the houses on the canals are thatch roofs and many do not have water hydrants, so the fire was spreading fast from about 4.30 pm onwards.

Photos taken in Spray Avenue and in the vicinity of La Digue place and the little bridge towards Big Time Taverna by St Francis Chonicle

An urgent appeal has come from the NSRI: “We need help!!” Anyone able and willing who can assist, please pop down to the old fire station and offer your services or call Marc May on 082 9567981

Also if anyone is missing can  people report this at the old fire station where a central collective point is being set up to assist and collate and take plans of action.

An update will follow as soon as we get more news.

Please call St Francis Chronicle: 0836095835 on any news or updates of the fire, tragedies or heroes.

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