St Francis Bay – town of lakes, dams, ponds, streams and waterfalls,

St Francis Bay has become a town of lakes, dams, ponds, streams and waterfalls in addition to the two rivers. These photos were taken by St Francis Chronicle out and about in St Francis on 21 October at 2.30 pm.

The first two photos of the St Francis Bay Golf Course were taken from Trattoria which has a lovely view of the current lake district. The last photo is of the small waterfall on the stream running down to the storm water drain from the Santareme dam in the Santareme dune fields. One of the dams there overflowed on 15 September  damaging three homes .

St Francis Drive is flooded by the Milkwood B&B and alongside on the golf course lakes there were kids swimming and having great fun, plus the sea gulls and some herons had a ball!