NSRI ferries people to Kromme Bridge

NSRI St Francis Bay volunteer duty crew today are ferrying people to and from the Cove on St Francis Bay’s canals to under the Kromme Bridge. From there passengers can walk up the bank to the R330  road over that bridge.

Two boats are being used by St Francis Bay NSRI today to ferry people to the Kromme River Bridge from the Cove at Strancis Bay's canals.This notable and praise worthy service provided by the local NSRI team will run the whole day and maybe even tomorrow unless there is footpath constructed by the Provincial Roads’ Department.

The service is running intermittently but mostly every half hour – 45 minutes.  The most recent boats left the Cove around 12, 15 pm today. Call:082 990 5969

The NSRI service is being offered as there is no footpath across the Sand River and the Kouga Municipality has advised people against wading across the Sand River. The Sand River Bridge washed away at 2 am today after much storm water flowed over it.

Please give the NSRI a donation if you are using their service.

See article and photo gallery and a video:




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