Mike Hay celebrates 50 years!

Michael Hay celebrated his 50th birthday with a huge crowd of family and friends that saw three inter-leading rooms packed to capacity last night.

Mike Hay celebrated his 50th Birthday last night with family and friends at Shenanigans and Legends

The event was held at Legends’ new Shenanigans Pub and the crowd spilled over into the former Tapas restaurant in Tenant’s Centre where a long table of guests enjoyed a hearty meal alongside the huge birthday cake with chocolate icing. Inside Shenanigans beach bar other friends and family were served great snacks served up and catered for by Donna.

And in the Legends Pub the crowds chatted up a storm. Everywhere it was almost ‘standing room only!’ The organisation was brilliant and owner of Shenanigans and Legends, John Hammond, was there to see everything was in top form.

Mike, who is  long time volunteer for the local NSRI,  and his wife, Ana Maria who runs the local Internet Cafe in St Francis bay, have been married for 25 years.

Friends of the family came from far and wide and it was so great to see some well known faces again. For one, Dee who served on the local NSRI for many years, made a special trip from Scotland for this event.

Everyone was served by the most smartly dressed waitrons (see photo). The atmosphere was jovial and happy and the occasion was celebrated in style


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