SFBRA expresses some concern over Mayor’s repsonse

The St Francis Bay Residents’ Association (SFBRA) has expressed some concern  about the mayor’s response to the SFBRA’s  ‘Memorandum of Grievance’  

“We have communicated these back to the mayor, ” a n announcement from the SFBRA said today.  “While we appreciate that his new management team needs time to address these issues, we have requested an action plan together with a timescale.

“There is nothing in this communique which indicates specific plans to address our grievances.”

 The SFBRA said further that at last night’s well attended Business Forum meeting the SFBRA communicated itsr support for the forum and offered any assistance needed.  It was also agreed that the Tourism office should fall under the auspices of the Business Forum.

On the subject of tar, the SFBRA says it now has more tar. “For those private individuals who want tar we have been requested by council that they must also supply a container for the liquid tar to line the potholes prior to filling them. 

“No tar will be given to anyone who does not have this container.  All people requiring tar please contact Thomas on 073-079-1448.”

The SFBRA also reveals that slurrying is continuing in Lyme Road South and additional piping is being placed to syphon the water out the dams of water behind Santareme.



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