Another look at river of debris and the source of the flood

15 September 2012: A river of debris flows down the quiet, upmarket street,namely Tom Brown Boulevard, in Santareme causing mayhem in its wake. This photo is taken from near the gate of Paddy Oosthuizen’s house, one of the homes damaged in the flood of debris, This photo was also snapped just before the wall of Mike Denbury’s holiday home, next to that of Paddy, (one up on the left,) was washed away by the flood.  The water and debris smashed windows and ploughed through the whole house  in its bid to reach the sea ,  ruining the interior and much of the exterior.  Photo: Ryan Fynn
The source of the flood: Another photo of the big lake, aka dam, that is hidden among the Santareme dunes and that has piqued the interest of many. This dam in no immediate danger of flooding the houses of Santareme nor of breaching according to experts who visited the dam yesterday. The water is going to be slowly siphoned out to take pressure off the walls. Photo: Jan Botha


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