Latest on potholes and roads – 7 September

Much progress has been made this week even with the interruptions of rain.

The pothole team has now completed Lyme Road South and will continue to fill the potholes in St Francis Drive.

“The damaged area of road in St Francis Drive opposite the municipal yard and fire station has also been repaired, the St Francis Bay Residents’ Association (SFBRA), says.  “We are trying to make alternative arrangements to the installing of pipes under the two remaining bad areas in St Francis Drive.”

The slurrying of Lyme Road South is continuing well; priority is being given to  badly damaged areas. “It is pleasing  that more businesses and home owners have taken up the offer of using council tar to repair their own potholes.  Should anyone else require tar please contact Nigel Aitken on 082 465 3719,” the SFNRA adds.


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