Bus to JBay for marchers and roads’ update

A bus has been arranged to transport people to Jeffreys for the Protest march on 12h September.

The St Francis Bay Residents’ Association urgently requests residents who employ domestics, as well as businesses, to support this march by allowing their staff time off to attend.

More details will follow next week.

Roads update 31 August 2012

The pothole team continues to fill potholes in St Francis Drive and a start has been made to the installing of storm water pipes under the first of the two severely damaged road areas on the way to the Port.

Slurrying has continued on the other half of the road in Lyme Road South.

Yesterday, Nigel Aitken witnessed a woman in a Toyota Land-cruiser drive out of the old shopping centre down the ramp adjacent to Enid Pretorius’ office, knock over the cones and damage the wet slurry by driving on it. When Nigel confronted her she wasn’t remotely apologetic. As it has taken months to get council to repair and slurry Lyme Road South we appeal again to residents to show some consideration.

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