Planned march in JBay on 12 September – update

A service delivery march to the municipal offices in JeffreysBay will take place on Wednesday, 12 September 2012.  The march is being organised by the St Francis Bay Residents’ Association (SFBRA in conjunction with FEKRRA (Federation of Kouga Ratepayers and Resident Association).

The march is to being held to complain about the lack of service delivery by the Kouga Council and is being addressed specifically at the Mayor, and the Municipal Manager.

 Proposed route and early logistics:

The idea is to meet at the beach front parking area adjacent to Dias Road in JeffreysBay at 9:30 am with the march to convene at 10 am.  The march will proceed up Oosterland Street, turning right into De Gama up to the Council offices.  Each town’s Resident Association will then hand over their ‘Memorandum of Grievances.’ 


March organisers are required to have approximately. 40 marshals, all of whom will be issued with an arm band and each town will be responsible for their own placards.  The SFBRA will organise for 50 placards to be printed.


“For this march to be successful it needs to be representative of the entire community,” the SFBRA says.. “We strongly urge all businesses to allow their staff time off to participate as well as organising transport for them to attend if possible.”


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