Fixing potholes at last!

A leading local building company has decided to adopt the potholes along Homestead Road and into Assisi Drive. This morning workers from this company were hard at work laying concrete in the potholes as can be seen from these photos.

A team from a local building company in St Francis Bay has has adopted the potholes in Homestead Road and those along upper Assis Drive. They were hard at work here just after noon today. (21 August 2012)[gallery link="file"]

According to the St Francis Bay Residents Association, the company that wishes to remain anonymous, has agreed to repair the whole of Sunset Drive and a company team is also currently busy at the intersection of Homestead and Assissi Drive.

“A big thank you is extended to them,” says Nigel Aitken of the St Francis Bay Residents Association. “The more builders that can do this sort of work the sooner our roads will be fixed. This will then allow us to push Kouga Council to start with some form of storm water drainage.”

Aitken also says the top of Harbour Road should be completed by this evening. “Council has also released water in a controlled manner down St Francis Drive to the dip below Harbour Road to try and drain some of the flood water just in case we get more heavy rains.”

These photos, taken by Bev Mortimer, show municipal workers fixing potholes with tar. The ugly craters had almost all gone when most of the these photos were taken (above).

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