Well done to those residents fixing potholes themselves!

Instead of just complaining like most of us about the bad state of the roads and the potholes, some residents are taking it upon themselves to fix potholes.  On the weekend St Francis Bay resident,  Jeff Stevens, and his team fixed some potholes at his own expense.

Other companies have also indicated they wish to “adopt potholes” to take care of and keep repaired . 

“The repairing of potholes by residents of St Francis Bay is appreciated by all,” the St Francis Bay Residents’ Association (SFBRA) says.

“We as the Residents’ Association appeal to all companies, especially building contractors, to adopt a policy of using up their excess concrete and cement at the end of each day by filling as many potholes as possible.  This will go a long way to assisting in the repairing of our roads. 

“The area on the bend in Lyme Road North which is constantly flooded is going to have to be concreted but to do this we are going to have to block the water flow first.  Residents must be extremely careful in driving through all large pothole areas as it is difficult to gauge the depth of potholes if covered by water,” the SFBRA adds.


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