SFB resident hits man with knobkierie

By Bev Mortimer:  A would-be burglar  spotted in a kitchen yesterday morning was struck  with a knobkierie by the owner of the Santareme house.

The incident happened at 5 am on Sunday, 19 August. The man saw the intruder in the kitchen trying to steal a radio, but the burglar was unable to lift the radio as the cable was plugged into a wall  inside a cupboard.

The owner quietly went and fetched his knobkierie and came up behind the man and struck him forcibly on his behind.  The burglar then fled the scene.

At first it appeared as nothing was stolen in the house. However,  later on the owner found two bottles of wine taken from a case of wine and a pile of clothes intended for Hospice outside a door of the house. The burglar obviouslymeant to make off with these goods.

It is believed the man of small build managed to squeeze through the upper part of a window above the burglar guard.

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