Ukupha raises R2180 for Hospice

The recent Ukupha annual potjie cook-off was a great success with R2180 being raised for St Francis Hospice.

Ukupha ladies

Ukupha ladies have also undertaken to help 23 young ladies that Hopsice supports by trying to collect a hygiene parcel each month for them.

“We are looking for people in St Francis  to become involved with this initiative,” says Louise Niven of Ukupha. “If you are interested you will need to commit to purchasing a small set of goodies each month for a particular young lady in the Kouga area.”

The items need to be dropped at Glo beauty studio by the 1st of each month.  For those who do not have the time to buy goods themselves cash can be donated and Ukupha ladies will buy the items for the ladies. The items are not very pricey but make a huge difference to young ladies between aged 15-25, who often don’t have access to such goods.

The items in the monthly pack include: 1 deodorant, 1 soap, sanitary pads/tampons, 1 toothpaste, 1 body cream.

“We have run the project for the past two months and the feedback from Hospice and these ladies has been very positive. They are thrilled to receive these goods and are touched by the gesture,” Niven adds

If anyone in St Francis wishes to participate or get involved please contact Karen Humby 083 3106440.

The next fundraiser is in September when there will be a Bingo evening to raise funds for the SPCA.

Sister Ingrid Williams from Hospice has thanked Ukupha ladies for their generosity and assistance, plus for their commitment to making patients’ lives easier.

Ukupha thanks St Francis Bay Spar and the Butcher Shop for their donations.

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