Repairs on the go in St Francis Bay

Kouga Municipality has created a deeper ditch to transport storm water away from St Francis Bay village and into the wetland on the north side of the R330.

Ditch running alongside the R330 from the entrance to St Francis Bay to the wetlands on the north of the R330.

This is to prevent flooding of the St Francis Bay houses at the entrance to the town by the traffic circle. The work was done by Duncan Leithbridge jnr on behalf of Kouga Council.

The ditch runs from the traffic circle right to the end of the R330 just before the bend in the road that goes on to the Sand River Bridge. Here the water goes through a vlei with bullrushes and then through a pipe under the R330 and into the wetland.

Storm water being diverted away from the St Francis Bay village homes at the entrance to the town.

Water running through the bullrushes alongside the R330

The wetland to the north of the the R330 where storm water has been diverted to . Water has thus also been diverted away from the Sand River Bridge,

Kouga Municipality is also trying to organise a large storm water pipe to run under St Francis Drive between the two sections of St Francis Bay Golf Course. A ditch is being dug on the seaward side of the golf course to allow water to drain away to the beach.

Ditch dug on St Francis Bay Golf Course.

Ditch being dug to take excess water to the beach.

In related news some home owners in Lyme Road North are pumping water from their flooded properties onto the golf course and this is adding to the floods on the golf course.

Lastly, at the corner of Harbour Road and St Francis Drive, municipal officials made a channel for water to flow from the dam on the corner down Harbour Road to the sea.

Some one has taken it upon himself to now block the flow of water down Harbour Road and cause water to run down to the dip between Harbour and Walton Roads.

On the corner of Harbour Road and St Francis Drive, some one has taken it upon himself to block water flowing from the dam at the corner and from running down Harbour Road.

Water has now been forced by someone unknown to run down to the dip between Walton and Harbour Roads – threatening to flood homes in this section and causing further damage to the dip. The municipality will now have to redirect the water to run down Harbour Road again.

This excess water  – apart from damaging the dip can cause flooding of homes in this section of St Francis Drive. “The municipality cannot be held responsible for flooding to these houses if people are taking it upon themselves to divert water,” the St Francis Bay Residents Association, vice chairman, Nigel Aitken, said.

Photos and article: Bev Mortimer

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