More weather chaos predicted in Cape provinces

Today’s improved and sunny weather is just the calm before yet another storm. According to the Weather Service another cold front will hit Western Cape tomorrow and the Eastern Cape by Wednesday. Isolated showers and thunder showers are expected.

The Cape of Storms lived up to its name this past weekend as gale-force winds, relentless downpours, and lightning clobbered the homes of thousands.  Homes were flooded, roofs were blown off and Eskom transformers were damaged by lightening.  In the Eastern Cape, it was extremely cold and rainy over past few days.

Vanetia Phakula, a Weather Service forecaster, “Another cold front is coming (to the the Western and Eastern Cape) and there is a 60% chance of rain (tomorrow, 14 August 2012) and on Wednesday. By Thursday it will start to moderate and on Friday, into the weekend, things will be much better.”

Phakula said extreme weather conditions for the rest of the country were not expected this week.

Residents of both provinces have been advised to dress warmly, seek medical attention if they have flu, and “keep a watchful eye” on open flames.

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