Malicious drivers remove barriers for road repair

Malicious drivers removed barriers across St Francis Drive before the dip after Walton Road on Friday night, 10 August, and drove through wet concrete laid earlier by Kouga municipal workers to repair the badly damaged dip.

This is the second time in two weeks that malicious persons have removed the barriers across the road and driven through the dip.

What’s more, the removed cones and tape were then placed at the entrance to Walton Road from St Francis Drive, preventing motorists from entering that road! The removal of the cones and barrier from across St Francis Drive meant quite a few motorists traversed the wet concrete in the dip.

“Fortunately it looks as though not too much damage was done by vehicles traversing there,” commented Nigel Aitken today.

The dip between Harbour and Walton Roads along St Francis Drive which had been cordoned off to allow concrete to dry on Friday night.  The barriers were removed by unknown malicious persons.

Earlier on Friday afternoon Kouga Council workers laid concrete in some of the bigger holes at badly damaged dip. The road was then closed between Harbour and Walton Roads.

In the incident a fortnight ago, two motorists were spotted driving straight through the same barriers erected at the corners of Harbour and Walton Roads – forcing motorists to detour along Walton Road. Repairs to the dip were then badly damaged and had to be redone.

Aitken also revealed that on Friday the SFBRA paid for a TLB to dig a ditch in the dip in St Francis Drive just before Harbour Road. “This was to allow Council workers including a team from Humansdorp to install two pipes under the road to provide drainage. We also created a channel so that the water will run into the collection area before exiting under the road.”

The pipe sunder St Francis Drive

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